Our Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Our vision and strategy for sourcing responsibly is to only work with whom we have a strong working relationship built on knowledge, understanding and close communication.

We only work with (and will continue to work with) factories that understand and demonstrate good levels of safe working practices and are committed to the health and safety of their workforce and their working conditions.

The factories we work with use their own tanneries, so the chain of manufacture and supply is incorporated within the same organisation and committed to the same standards of working conditions.

Bolla directors, and our representatives, visit partner factories regularly and observe working conditions and other factors detailed below.  When necessary, computer/written records of compliance from factories will be viewed including risk assessments and training.


Bolla’s responsibilities in ensuring continued ethical working conditions in our partnering factories

  • Ensure that factories are complying with health and safety standards by monitoring on a regular basis:
    • Up to date audits
    • Working conditions
    • No child labour or forced working conditions
    • Building & fire safety
    • Chemical usage and safe handling
    • SA8000 must be in place and annually certified.


  • Health & Safety of workers
    • Regular health & safety training must be provided for employees
    • Building inspections must take place periodically
    • A safe and comfortable working environment must be maintained
    • Fire safety training must be available for new workers
    • Fire exits must be on all floors of factory buildings
    • All employees must be of age where they have completed quality education


  • Working hours & pay
    • Wages must be sufficient to meet basic needs and must meet national legal standards
    • Written confirmation of wages must be given to all new workers
    • A working 7 day week must not exceed 60 hours including overtime, or 48 hours excluding overtime.
    • Overtime must be voluntary and never enforced.



  • Discrimination
    • Factories must ensure there is no discrimination relating to, and not limited to:
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Race
      • Religion
      • Sexuality
      • Marital status
      • Disability
    • Bolla directors, and our representatives, will be monitoring this and speaking with staff during each factory visit


Protecting our environment

Bolla works with partner factories to ensure the reduction of any environmental impacts.

  • Factories must be responsible for minimising waste to include, but not limited to:
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Materials & Packaging
    • Chemicals – only using those compliant with relevant standards, no banned substances and providing workers with safe handling training, including safe disposal.
    • Responsible disposal of waste water